Chiropractic Services in Wenatchee, Washington

My goal in my practice has always been to provide the best chiropractic treatment at a reasonable cost.  This is accomplished by utilizing chiropractic techniques that allow for the fastest recovery time with the least amount of treatment.  My chiropractic skills are constantly improving by constantly attending continuing education classes.  Since I am a sole practitioner I can allow as much time needed for a patient to explain their condition thoroughly and completely.  Many times understanding how a person injured themselves helps me to develop a treatment plan that is precisely tailored for a specific need.  Chiropractic is a hands on health care profession and there is nothing like having a doctor that has the confidence to treat musculo-skeletal problems by having of over 30 years’ experience.  Patients in pain are seen that same day.  If my schedule is full I simply extend my day or stay through lunch so that everyone that needs to be seen receives care.

Adjust to a life of pain-free living when we gently adjust your back and spine. Columbia Chiropractic Clinic in Wenatchee, Washington, specializes in reducing your pain and improving your health with our chiropractic services.

We've Got Your Back
When you need the latest in chiropractic services that address a wide variety issues, our chiropractor has got your back. Whether you are looking for back pain relief or need adjustments due to an auto accident, our office can handle any and all concerns related to your spine.


Chiropractor with Patient, Back Pain Relief in Wenatchee, WA
Special Offer, Chiropractic Services in Wenatchee, WA

Comprehensive Chiropractic Services
Enjoy a drugless and natural remedy for your ailments. Chiropractic science concerns itself with the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Even the smallest spinal vertebral misalignment can have negative effects on your overall health. Our passion is to realign your back for healthier and happier living.

Backed by Years of Experience
Our friendly and gentle chiropractor Dr. Bailey, has 33 years of experience in the profession. He primarily specializes in treating on-the-job injuries using Gonstead adjusting and activator techniques. All adjustments are performed manually for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Department of L&I
All workers in the state of Washington are covered for work place injures by workers compensation insurance administered by the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). This insurance is paid for by premiums from both the employer and the employee. Large employers in the state may become Self-Insured, meaning that they have the funds available to pay for their injured worker’s doctor’s bills themselves. Self-Insured companies must abide by the same rules as regular workers compensation insurance and are overseen by the Department of Labor and Industries.

All workers that are hurt on the job have the right to choose their health care provider as long as that provider is registered with the Department of Labor and Industries. An injured worker does not need the permission from his employer to seek help from a Chiropractor. An employer cannot direct an injured worker to go to a specific doctor except for possibly initial first aid if needed. An injured worker can choose to see a Chiropractor and does not need a referral from a medical doctor. A recent study performed for L&I indicated that the leading indicator for an injured worker not to become permanently injured by his on the job injury is that they see a chiropractor first.

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